Angels with Scaly Wings Wiki

The soundtrack for Angels with Scaly Wings contains a total of 94 tracks by Shinji Hosoe, Crinkles, Mark Sparling, Alcaknight and M.B. Saunders. Its runtime is over four hours. It is available individually with the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game.

The soundtrack files from the Steam version upgrade of Angels with Scaly Wings are in .ogg format when you purchase it, so some mp3 applications might not support them unless converted to another media file format first. And as of the 1.07 update on Steam, the Digital Deluxe Edition now include a second version of the soundtrack in a high-quality format.

The music of some of these composers is also available from other sources:

The 70 days soundtrack by Mark Sparling can be downloaded for free here under Creative Commons Attribution.[1]

Crinkles' Soundtrack from a Box was written by Crinkles. The music is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 and Crinkle's official site can be found here. It is available for purchase directly from the artist including all their other albums, some of which are not included in the game on their bandcamp

Alcaknight composed several of the songs in the soundtrack. Their works are published on their Soundcloud, the ones used in Angels with Scaly Wings are all licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. Aqua Vitae and Sweet Memories are no longer in their Soundcloud but are included with the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Title Duration Artist
Angels with Scaly Wings 1:15 Shinji Hosoe
Menu 3:17 Mark Sparling
Intro 1:31 Mark Sparling
Setting Sail 2:38 Crinkles
Guitar 2:18 Mark Sparling
General Theme 2:35 Mark Sparling
Threat 2:09 Mark Sparling
Jazzy 1:19 Mark Sparling
Discovery 2:24 Mark Sparling
Determination 2:02 Crinkles
Detective 1:24 Mark Sparling
Morning 2:24 Mark Sparling
Mystery 6:24 Mark Sparling
Mining Town 3:08 Crinkles
Spotted 1:57 Mark Sparling
Barren World 1:37 Crinkles
Countess 3:19 Crinkles
A Gift 5:02 Crinkles
Up in the Clouds 2:28 Crinkles
Judgement 4:27 Crinkles
Intrigue 1:26 Mark Sparling
Chip 4:01 Crinkles
Bricks 4:16 Crinkles
Chronos 4:20 Crinkles
On the rocks 3:05 Crinkles
Gravity 3:13 Crinkles
Wandering Soul 4:54 Crinkles
Heavy 1:36 Mark Sparling
Archives 2:54 Crinkles
Bubbles 3:20 Crinkles
Choices 3:13 Crinkles
Fireplace 2:40 Crinkles
RPG 1:11 M.B. Saunders
Campfire 3:07 Crinkles
Jazzier 1:47 Mark Sparling
Cruising 3:38 Crinkles
Miles 3:08 Mark Sparling
Hay 2:4 Crinkles
Fireflies 2:18 Crinkles
Memories 2:58 Crinkles
Fountain 4:42 Crinkles
Snowflake 3:09 Crinkles
Sprite 4:00 Crinkles
Spring 3:07 Crinkles
Archaic Times 2:34 Crinkles
Hydrangea 5:56 Crinkles
Shoal 4:03 Crinkles
Serenity 3:18 Mark Sparling
Warming 3:20 Crinkles
Sunset 3:21 Crinkles
Festival 2:02 Mark Sparling
Feelings 2:28 Crinkles
Starlight 4:55 Crinkles
R and é 1:16 M.B. Saunders
Gymnopédie 2:46 Erik Satie
Rock 2:55 Mark Sparling
Flux 4:41 Crinkles
Day 10 2:40 Mark Sparling
Cute 1:25 Mark Sparling
Forge 3:49 Crinkles
Dash 1:57 Alcaknight
Fun 3:17 Mark Sparling
Morning Rise 1:51 Crinkles
One Six 4:18 Crinkles
Fervor 4:32 Crinkles
Moving on 4:42 Crinkles
Prayer 2:28 Crinkles
Library 4:02 Crinkles
Evening Melody 2:25 Alcaknight
Disturbance 3:23 Crinkles
Mindstream 1:51 Crinkles
Schizophrenia 1:44 Crinkles
Fragile Mind 3:25 Crinkles
Ashes 3:52 Crinkles
Fragments 3:37 Crinkles
Nostalgia 3:33 Alcaknight
Clocks 2:12 Crinkles
Termination 2:24 Mark Sparling
Prophecy 4:53 Crinkles
Sweet Memories 2:22 Alcaknight
Martyr 4:52 Crinkles
The Sleeping City 2:26 Alcaknight
Aqua Vitae 3:03 Alcaknight
Emperor 1:30 Mark Sparling
Ancient Path 2:19 Crinkles
Reza 1:04 Mark Sparling
Truth 2:06 Mark Sparling
Amely 2:06 Mark Sparling
Fleet 3:33 Crinkles
Machinations 2:06 Mark Sparling
Tranquility 3:00 Crinkles
Cream Clouds 1:54 Crinkles
Parting Song 3:48 Alcaknight
Hopeful 3:56 Mark Sparling