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Reza is the human co-ambassador to the Dragon World. Reza arrived ahead of the protagonist, and though it is never specified how much time is between Reza and the protagonist's arrival, it's made clear that it was "long enough to pass the dragons quarantine checks."


When Reza was sent through the portal, he took a revolver with him. He is extremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat and the usage of firearms, as well as an expert engineer. Considering his sharp intellect, it is unusual that humanity would need to send another human after him, were it not for his somewhat coarse manners and human-centric thinking.


Reza is best described as a practical minded ideologue. He strives to help and better humanity and will do anything he can to achieve this goal. The Player knows little about Reza ahead of time, though he's often cited and shown to be a capable agent. Moreover, he has little regard for dragons, a possible reason the Player was sent in after him to handle the diplomatic aspects.

On top of being capable and direct in his manners, he doesn't shy away from breaking the law of acting covert to achieve his mission.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

Chapter 1

Reza is the first character mentioned in the opening monologue, and the first character to be shown on-screen. He volunteers to go through the portal to the dragons' world and discuss a trade deal. When the protagonist goes through the portal, they meet Reza the next day at the production facility, where he is accompanied by Maverick. The two of them get into an argument, but it is quickly averted, courtesy of Sebastian. In the production facility Reza takes a generator from Anna, and the protagonist gives her a PDA in exchange (and possibly a blood sample).

After leaving the production facility, the protagonist, Reza, and the dragon companions go to eat breakfast at the cafe. When the protagonist and Reza get a moment alone, he vents his irritation over having to be followed by Maverick all the time. After getting breakfast, Reza tells the protagonist he will give them a letter with important information. After deciphering the hidden message, the protagonist meets Reza at the portal late at night. There, he tells the protagonist that the dragons' world will be gone soon. But before he can explain exactly what is going on, Maverick confronts the two of them, accusing them of plotting an attack of some sort. In retaliation, Reza shoots Maverick and runs away, leaving the protagonist at the mercy of the wounded dragon.

The next day, the protagonist and Bryce - the police chief - discover a dragon has been murdered, and that Reza is a suspect. His motive for killing this dragon is unknown, but it is likely because the dragon saw Reza running away; Reza murdered the dragon so that he wouldn't have any witnesses.

Chapter 2

The next murder victim is a mechanic whom Reza kills while attempting to steal a generator from an apartment complex. When the protagonist, Bryce, and Sebastian investigate the stolen generator, a masked figure saves the protagonist from a falling light fixture. It is suspected to be Reza under the mask.

Chapter 3

Depending on the protagonist's actions, Reza's third victim is one of two dragons. If the protagonist did not go on Anna's second date (or failed to convince her not to work late) and has not seen her good ending, Anna will be the third victim. Otherwise, her assistant Damion will be killed instead.

Because Reza has now killed three dragons at this point, and all with a knife, he qualifies as a serial killer, and the Council is forced to tell the public. Meanwhile, the protagonist is ordered to return to the humans' world until the whole thing blows over. However, somebody tampers with the portal, and it is no longer functional, which means that the protagonist and Reza are trapped in the dragons' world.

Chapter 4

This time around, Reza uses his gun to kill his next victim, who worked at the hatchery before she was murdered. As the protagonist, Bryce, and Sebastian are investigating the crime scene, Maverick appears and says that he has found Reza's hideout in an abandoned farm. Reza is nowhere to be seen, but stolen generators and eggs are found in the hideout. This hideout had been rigged with a tripwire bomb made from a generator. This can be discovered one of two ways. Either by the protagonist going into the house themselves and discovering the tripwire in time, or by Bryce entering the house first, who accidentally triggers the bomb, and is killed along with the eggs that Reza had stolen.

Chapter 5

After choosing who to take to the Summer Festival, a terrible realization hits the protagonist when watching the fireworks. With everybody occupied by the fireworks show, Reza could easily escape (now that the portal was working again), and any gunfire he produced would be drowned out by the fireworks. The protagonist decides to confront Reza alone while the accompanying dragon goes to find Maverick so he can help.

Depending on the protagonist's actions, Reza either stole some more eggs from the hatchery, or Sebastian has been killed (or both). The protagonist can prevent Sebastian from dying by suggesting he watch the fireworks anyway when he talks to the protagonist about them in Chapter 3. (But only after seening his death at least once).

All of the endings involve Reza attempting to steal the generator located at the underground facility near the portal. And in almost all of the endings, the protagonist has the same conversation with Reza before trying to stop him.

Neutral Ending

In the Neutral Ending, the protagonist confronts Reza alone with a bomb made from a generator and uses it as a bargaining chip to get Reza to give up. This fails, and Reza attempts to shoot the protagonist. In the process, the bomb is accidentally activated, and the two run from the underground facility. When the bomb explodes, Reza is killed by the debris.

Evil Ending

In the Evil Ending, the protagonist helps Reza to carry the generator, only to betray him and gun him down. The protagonist takes the generator for themselves so that they may be praised as a hero for humanity.

Anna's Bad Ending

When the protagonist confronts Reza and finishes their conversation with him, Anna and Maverick appear by the protagonist's side. Before Reza has a chance to shoot anyone, the Administrator appears and taunts Reza until he shoots her. After the Administrator is wounded, Maverick attacks Reza and is shot twice in the head, killing him instantly. Reza then attempts to kill the protagonist, but Anna jumps in front and takes three shots from Reza's gun. Anna survives long enough to burn Reza to death with her flammable liquid, but shortly dies from her wounds.

Anna's Good Ending

The scene plays out almost identical to Anna's bad ending, except the Administrator dies from her wounds. Also, instead of taking the bullet for the protagonist, Anna tackles them out of the way, saving both. As Reza attempts to reload, Anna knocks him to the floor and slits his throat with her toe claws.

Bryce's Bad Ending

After the conversation with Reza, he kills the Administrator and wounds Maverick and Bryce, and when Reza tries to shoot the protagonist, he hits the generator, causing it to destabilize. Bryce jumps on the generator and demands that everyone leave before it explodes. Bryce is killed by the explosion, and Reza is mauled to death by Maverick.

Bryce's Good Ending

This is the only ending where Reza is actually not responsible for the deaths of any dragons. Despite this, he still threatens to kill the protagonist to save himself. And, once again, he wounds Bryce, Maverick, and the Administrator. The generator is shot again, but Bryce does not try to sacrifice himself this time (He still gets trapped in the facility when the generator explodes). Maverick kills Reza. But after Bryce is saved, the Administrator confesses that she murdered the dragons, and Maverick doesn't hesitate to kill her as well.

Remy's Bad Ending

When confronted by the protagonist, Remy and Maverick, Reza kills Maverick and wounds the protagonist and Remy, but then collapses from his bite wound inflicted by Maverick. He soon escapes through the portal, with humanity coming to the dragons' side to take their resources, blissfully unaware of the danger of the comet.

Remy's Good Ending

Another similar replay to the bad ending, but this time, when Reza tries to escape, Vara, an orphan that Remy was caring for, confronts him. Reza kills Vara, and is attacked by the Administrator. Both were wounded in the fight, and both succumb to their wounds and die.

Adine's Bad Ending

Reza kills Maverick and the Administrator and wounds Adine, and escapes to humanity's side of the portal. When Reza returns to humanity, they cut off the connection to the portal, leaving the protagonist and all the dragons to be destroyed by the comet.

Adine's Good Ending

After the protagonist finishes their conversation with Reza, he shoots the protagonist in the leg and attempts to escape, but a surprise attack by Maverick and Adine stops him, and Maverick, once again, kills Reza (to Adine's dismay).

Lorem's Bad Ending

After shooting Maverick and Lorem, Reza mortally wounds the protagonist, but he is still defeated because he can no longer use the portal to escape. Trapped in the dragons' world, Reza tries to warn them about the comet, but by then, it is too late to stop it.

Lorem's Good Ending

In this ending, instead of having the same conversation with Reza, the protagonist remembers it and tells him they are done listening to his plan. When Reza tries to kill the protagonist, the protagonist throws Ipsum's ixomen sphere at Reza and damages his gun. He attempts to escape, but the protagonist chases after him, and the portal sends both of them to the day of the protagonist's arrival in the dragons' time. They encounter the Administrator, who knocks Reza out, and presumably kills him.

True Ending

After the protagonist sets up the plan with their dragon friends to stop Reza, the protagonist goes into the underground building alone, pretending that they are in on Reza's plan. But Reza becomes suspicious after he realizes that the protagonist could never have known he was going to be there. He attempts to kill the protagonist, but shoots the generator the protagonist is carrying, causing it to explode. He is tackled once by Adine, and then again by Maverick. Before Maverick can kill him, Bryce and Anna stop him, and Reza is arrested and taken to jail by Bryce and Maverick. After this, Reza's fate is left up to speculation.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

  • In the soundtrack, there is a song named after Reza. It is unused in the game, but remains in the files.
  • Inside the game files is an image showing Izumi and Reza collaborating over a map. According to the creator: "Is it not considered cut or unused content, because it is exactly where and how it is intended to be. You can consider it canon within the scope of how and where it was placed, but it's nothing the player character was able to witness personally which would cause it to be shown in-game."
  • The Evil Ending involves the PC effectively disarming and subduing Reza, yet despite the effectiveness of this tactic, it is never brought up again.
  • Reza's gun can be obtained at two points: off of his body in the neutral end or the good Bryce ending.