Angels with Scaly Wings Wiki
Dragon (unknown subspecies)
Librarian, scholar
Physical attributes
Eye color
Glasses, white dress shirt collar, red necktie

Remy is the first dragon the protagonist meets upon arrival in the dragons' world. He is one of the five main characters with their own routes and appears throughout the main story. He works as the librarian and scholar at the Ministry of Culture and Arts in the town.


Remy is a friendly and polite dragon, eager to do his job well and follow his duties to the letter.

That said, due to his imprecise hands, Remy is often clumsy. This embarrasses him greatly, especially because Emera constantly puts him down for mistakes on the job.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

A few years before the game's events take place, Remy worked in the public sector. He was part of a committee tasked with providing politicians and the general population with independent and factually backed opinions on community topics.

One day, Remy was assigned to evaluate various projects competing for a research grant from his committee. Amelia was a member of one project's team; ultimately, however, her team didn't get the grant. A while later, Amelia saw and recognized Remy in a restaurant, and they started talking.

Remy came to admire Amelia's intellect and spirit. Moreover, her desire to help people with her talents reminded Remy a lot of himself. The two kept seeing each other, and were soon dating.

Just as Remy thought that their relationship was about to become very serious, Amelia informed Remy that her research team had applied for another grant. Thus, in order to avoid any accusations of favoritism, they decided not to meet each other again until the recipient of the grant had been decided.

After Amelia's team unexpectedly won the grant, she and Remy parted ways to further avoid jeopardizing their jobs. However, they promised to return to each other and make their relationship public six months after the grant was given to her team. The two planned to live together and start a family.

Remy never heard from Amelia again, but later heard reports that she had collapsed and frozen to death. He blames himself for her death and marks it as the point when his life started to feel bleak.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

[First date] Remy's library, Remy's office. In the library, the correct order of books is: The Inception The First War The Tribe The Second War The Invention The Spark The Third War The Enlightenment

[Second date] Remy's house. This date is mostly a follow-up dinner, and provides insights into his off-time personality, some background details, and shows off his clumsiness.

[Third date] Tatsu park. This date also marks the branch between his good and bad endings, provided the player has inspected the pictures in his house, and followed Vara in chapter 3.

[Fourth date] Protagonist's apartment & the festival.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

  • During your conversation with Emera, she points out that Remy has malformed ears.
  • Remy looks like he is wearing a white shirt, but he actually only has a collar and tie.
  • Remy's ears turn red when he blushes.
  • The characters that appear in Remy's RPG are Anna, Adine, Bryce, Remy and Reza, all of them recolored.
  • Remy is a holdover from the precursors to AwSW. In fact, one of the bad endings to his second date is a direct reference to one of his previous incarnations.
  • Remy is represented by his necktie in the true ending CG.