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Lorem uniform
Dragon (unknown subspecies)
Early 20s[1]
Physical attributes
Eye color
Satchel, postman hat

Lorem is a main route character and delivery flyer for the town's post office. When he delivers a letter to the player character on the first day in the Dragon World, he requests an interview to clear up some media misconceptions about humans.


Lorem is adventurous, determined, cheerful, and upbeat.

He also shows a shy side when asking out the protagonist in order to get to know more about humans so he can get valuable data for his video game, but quickly switches to his normal self after a while. Lorem loves adventure and shows no fear when doing things on his own, such as treasure hunting.

However, like everyone else, Lorem too can get stressed and feel other emotions, such as sadness, anger or anxiety. Drawing and arts are some of his favorite hobbies to calm down and pass time.

Physical description

Lorem is a light-blue dragon with white horns, cream underbelly and gray-ish blue wings.

His size is quite small compared to other dragons, causing the protagonist to confuse him with a child when at the bar. Lorem clarifies that this is his species' average height, however.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

Lorem was always bullied in the past due to their small size, which resulted in depression and little-to-no friends. Those who were their "actual friends" ended up getting angry and abandoning them when they found out that they were actually a hermaphrodite. This problem still haunts Lorem in the present, until the protagonist talks about it with them.

Lorem's most common mistake at the post office was to accidentally damage the deliveries when trying to handle them. Filing down their nails prevents this, however.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

[First date] Zhong's bar

[Second date] Lorem's apartment

[Third date] Protagonist's apartment, School, Woods, Abandoned store

[Fourth date] Protagonist's apartment

[Fifth date] Fireworks meadow


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

  • Lorem, along with their counterpart Ipsum, were both sponsored by Goldkin through the game's Indiegogo campaign. Lorem's route was added after the other four main routes and most of the game's story had been written.
  • Lorem was originally a character from an ask-blog.
    • Unlike in Angels with Scaly Wings, the original version of Lorem was cat-sized, as well as being Ipsum's half-sibling.
  • Lorem delivers mail to the main character in the full game, whereas Sebastian took on this role in the game's demo.
  • Lorem uses male pronouns in the English text of the game until it is revealed that they are a hermaphrodite. This was kept in the final version of the game to prevent the player from too easily figuring out later plot elements. In other media, singular they (them, their) pronouns are preferred for Lorem instead.
  • Lorem is the only main route character that does not appear in promotional art or screenshots of the game. This was done deliberately, both to preserve surprise and to finalize some development elements of the game.
  • Lorem likes salad on pizza.
  • Despite seeming to be the counterpart to their roommate Ipsum, Lorem too has incredible knowledge of portals, DNA, wormholes, etc. - probably even surpassing their friend's. However, they don't seem particularly interested in science and instead focus on other things, such as art.
  • It is unknown what function Lorem activates on the Ixomen sphere in their good ending. It is possible that the sphere comes equipped with combat abilities, or has programmable movement.
  • Lorem and Ipsum's names are both derived from the placeholder text system of the same name.
  • Lorem is represented by the Ixomen sphere in the true ending CG, making them the only character represented by an item that belongs to someone else.
  • Lorem was once considered as the person who found Amely's egg, but this was decided against, as it would seem too contrived. [2]