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Elected Minister of Culture and Arts

Emera is a female dragon. She is the Minister of Culture and Arts, and a political populist.


There is little to say about Emera as a person. She's an empty shell of a person: She strives to appease her voting bloc first and foremost. Besides that, she aspires to sire children and is mostly looking for good seed over a good relationship. Most of her life was decided by her wealthy parents, and while she acknowledges the plight of the common dragon, her constant speaking in political platitudes makes it apparent she's the pinnacle of the rich girl stereotype. To Emera, doing the right thing is only justifiable if everyone else supports this. This goes so far that she refuses to fire Remy (and prevent further accidental destruction of artifacts) as it would reflect negatively onto her position and term. Further proof of this is that she bombastically received Reza.

Emera seems to have little interest in what individuals have to say, especially those without power. Her end desire continues to be a proper legacy.


  • Emera has a penchant for back rubs as she often strains her spine assuming human-like postures.
  • On public outings, Emera sometimes uses a product called Horn Shine to paint her horn and spines red.
  • Emera's horn and spines aren't naturally white. She seems to keep this fact a secret, as she asks the protagonist not to tell anyone.