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Emera on park bench

Emera sits on a park bench.

Most characters in Angels with Scaly Wings are dragons.


Notably, dragons do not all belong to the same species. Those species which are named in-game include earth dragons (e.g., Bryce and Emera), water dragons (e.g., Naomi), flyers (e.g., Adine), and runners (e.g., Sebastian and Anna). However, more species certainly exist, since many dragons shown in-game don't fall into any of the aforementioned categories.

The physical form of each species confers various advantages and disadvantages. An illustrative example of these differences lies in each species' hands: runners are capable of fine motor skills with theirs, whereas many other species are clumsier and fliers don't have hands at all. Often, these differences predispose dragons to certain lines of work depending on their species.

Species Characteristics Notable individuals
Earth Dragon


  • Quadrupedal
  • Large
  • Have "armored plates" instead of wings




  • Bipedal (Pronograde)
  • Dedicated hands
  • Wingless




  • Bipedal (Orthograde)
  • Winged arms with "barely usable hands"
  • Prehensile feet

Anna's Lawyer

"True two-legs"


  • Bipedal (Orthograde)
  • Dedicated hands
Naomi (Water variant)[7][8]


True Dragon?


  • Quadrupedal
  • Horse-sized
  • Winged


  • Bipedal (Orthograde)
  • Small[10]
  • Winged


[there are cities and towns, as well as feral dragons. expand on this]


[no alien contact]


[VERY similar to human tech/architecture. Mention generators, computers (and lack thereof), etc]


[insert stuff about dragon mythology here. It's all told in-game and can be paraphrased]

The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

[dragons are the result of a genetic engineering project by... whatever the company was called, if it was named. list the team members on the project. they were originally meant to be sentient biological weapons which could be sold to developing countries. however, Izumi realized that the dragons they created would always be miserable, and so she killed the other three team members and restructured the process they had been developing. with her guidance and access to advanced technology, the first dragons formed tribes which soon became self-sufficient.]

[mention that this is the reason for all the inefficient tech that fits humans better, e.g. chairs]


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