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Bryce is the town's chief of police and a recurring character in the main story. He enlists the player's help with investigations after the incident at the portal between Reza and Maverick.


Bryce is a strong and caring dragon who is dedicated to his work as chief of police and to the town as a whole. He gladly shoulders the weight of his post and consistently does what he feels is best for the town. Bryce has become very popular among the locals, but still, he still frequently resorts to alcohol as a means of escaping the emotional strain that comes with his position. He is proud of his body, and rarely hesitates to show off. He values friendship and loyalty above all else.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

As a child, Bryce loved playing "Explorers" with his friends. The game consisted of everyone splitting into groups, exploring new locations, and then sharing their discoveries with each other. One day, though, Bryce's friends had to stay in school longer than usual. Bored and impatient, he went alone to explore an ancient cave system. The cave wasn't very complex; however, while exploring, the ground below Bryce collapsed, trapping him. In an attempt to climb out, he fell and cut his snout on a rock. He was rescued a few hours later, but the cut scarred.

Bryce's neck scars are from when Miles bit him. He was saved by the then-rookie Maverick, who was never the same afterward.

[insert something about Bryce helping Zhong see his parents]


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

[First date] Bryce's office, Zhong's bar

[Second date] Bryce's temporal house

[Third date] Beach

[Fourth date] Protagonist's house


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

Bryce normal b old

Pre-scarring Bryce sprite

  • With significant effort, Bryce can flap the armor plates on his back.
  • Bryce likes to build wooden models in order to de-stress and improve his dexterity.
  • Bryce seems annoyed if the protagonist doesn't admit defeat after passing out. This could be because even he knows his limits and worries about the player's alcohol problems, or because he just hates to lose.
  • Bryce didn't seem very affected by the pepper in the bar. It is possible that dragons and humans don't share the sensitivity in their nostrils.
  • Bryce doesn't seem to enjoy wine as much as beer. However, he likes alcohol in general and won't reject it.
  • It is unknown what was in Bryce's "fun basket". However, given his nature, it could have been something lewd.
  • Bryce is represented by his police badge in the true ending CG.