Angels with Scaly Wings Wiki
Dragon (Runner)
Scientist, production facility administrator
Physical attributes
Reddish pink
Eye color
Horns, frills, blue stripes
Safety goggles, pen

Anna is the manager of the town's production facility, as well as a brilliant, decorated young scientist. She has an abrasive and unruly nature that occasionally gets her in trouble with the authorities or other citizens.


Having a generally distasteful and standoffish attitude to nearly anyone she meets, Anna typically comes off as being rude and even openly admits she doesn't like people in general. Anna doesn't care much for 'the greater good'; she values herself most of all and sees anyone else being helped by her actions as nothing more than a useful way to defend herself from criticism. She feels she is superior to many other people, and as a result can often be rather full of herself. There is, however, a wild, mischievous, and even playful side of her.

Anna feels that bureaucracy and regulations (along with traditions, to an even larger degree) restrict her from doing what is necessary for her research. She is willing to do anything to continue her work on her potentially life-saving experiments, including breaking the law. She fills her free time with her work and has few hobbies outside of research and experimentation.

Anna appears to be unique among dragons. Although she may not be as intelligent as she claims -- for example, she tends to make rather odd mistakes and doesn't have many degrees -- her keen mind seems to stand above those of most other dragons. This may contribute to her hatred of others: she may see them as less interested in knowledge and progress than herself.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

Anna was so gifted as a child that she skipped several grades, and so she made few friends while growing up. Instead, she won many awards for her work. She cared little for them, though, and focused almost solely on her work. Anna eventually began the research she is seen working on throughout the game, which involves cancer. Through this research, she unintentionally discovered that she herself has cancer.

Anna genetically engineered Amely from Amelia and Remy's unborn daughter by splicing in her own DNA. She originally intended to use Amely to complete her cancer research and cure herself. However, Anna heard of a government audit of her lab and, as a last resort, wrote Amely's name on the egg and left it on the doorstep of the town's orphanage.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

[First date] Adine's cafe

[Second date] Cafe's backalley, extended Maverick flashback, farm

[Third date] Anna's lab

[Fourth date] Protagonist's apartment


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

  • After seeing Anna's good ending, Damion will be killed in each run in her place.
  • Anna dies in her good ending. The only way to save her is to achieve the true ending.
  • Anna is never seen using either her safety goggles or her pen. It is possible that she keeps them as her own sort of "clothing" or perhaps in case she ever needs them.
  • Anna loves drinking coffee. In fact, it's one of her few means of stress relief.
  • Anna's only official degree is a Doctorate of Pharmacy, despite her knowledge across fields. This may be due to her hatred of authority (i.e., university boards of review), but it seems to be a sore spot for her nonetheless.
  • Anna originally worked in a larger facility and was moved to the smaller town lab. This is further evidence of her immense reputation.
  • Anna is represented by her safety goggles in the true ending CG.