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Dragon (Flyer)
Waitress, delivery flyer
Physical attributes
Eye color
Marine-like scales
Flying Goggles

Adine is the waitress and delivery flyer for a cafe the player visits in the town. She dreams of being a professional stunt flyer and works hard to be noticed by a local aerobatics competition.


Adine is kind, caring, and somewhat transparent. She volunteers at the local orphanage, and she enjoys aerobatics (stunt flying). She is also superstitious and believes in human myths, tarot cards, and horoscopes.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

During her childhood, other dragons made fun of the green markings on Adine's skin. Embarrassed, she would sometimes try to wash them away. She continues to dislike these markings, particularly the two stripes on her muzzle.

Once, while practicing a trick, Adine crashed into the ground. A puddle of mud cushioned the fall, but all of her friends were there to see it happen. Adine uses her embarrassment over the crash as motivation to further improve her skill in aerobatics.


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

[First date] Player's house

[Second date] Adine's house

[Third date] Adine's house, beach

[Fourth date] Adine's house, stunt competition


The following sections contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

  • The tip of Adine's tail is shaped like a crescent. This, combined with Adine's yellow color, has led to many jokes within the playerbase comparing it and her to a banana. In one in-game scene, the player character pretends Adine's tail-tip is a telephone.
  • Despite her leviathan-esque appearance, Adine claims that her species cannot swim very well without significant training.
  • Adine is very skilled at hunting fish. It is possible, but unconfirmed, that the fish she serves the player character at the cafe is one she caught.
  • The demo had a CG when meeting Adine in Chapter 1, but it was removed in the final release.
  • If the player dares Adine to bite a lemon, she is unfazed by its flavor. This suggests that dragons and humans have very different senses of taste.
  • Adine claims to not fear death when the protagonist asks her, instead being morbidly curious about what comes after it. However, upon learning that she could have died at the stunt competition, she is taken aback.
  • Adine seems to be on bad terms with Anna. She was best friends with Amelia and reminds Remy greatly of her.
  • Adine is represented by her flying goggles in the true ending CG.