Angels with Scaly Wings Wiki

The following is a list of achievements for the game Angels with Scaly Wings. The game has 63 total achievements.

List of achievements

Icon Name Description
Alone Alone See Remy's Bad Ending.
Altruist Altruist Help Katsuharu.
Archeologist Archeologist Find a handful of dirt.
Audiophile Audiophile Listen to a bunch of music.
Base Finder Base Finder Find a mysterious base.
Betrayal Betrayal See the Evil Ending.
Blood Donation Blood Donation Give Anna your blood.
Bookworm Bookworm Read a bunch of books.
Bravery Bravery Order the daily special.
Cartographer Cartographer Acquire a map.
Catastrophy Catastrophy See Bryce's Bad Ending.
Casualties of War Casualties of War See Remy's Good Ending
Daredevil Daredevil Drink a mysterious liquid.
Decisions Decisions See Adine's Good Ending
Detonation Detonation See the Neutral Ending.
Disrobement Disrobement Get Adine to remove her headgear.
Eau de Dragon Eau de Dragon Examine Bryce's blanket.
Fast Forward Fast Forward Skip ahead 10 times.
Finders, Keepers Finders, Keepers Acquire the bloody bandage.
Flawless Run Flawless Run Do well in all investigations in a single playthrough.
Fruitarian Fruitarian Learn a lot about fruits.
General Knowledgist General Knowledgist Answer Anna's questions correctly.
Getaway Getaway See Adine's Bad Ending.
Hope Hope See the True Ending,
In Loco Parentis In Loco Parentis Return the eggs to the hatchery.
Interrogator 1 Interrogator 1 Interrogate Damion.
Interrogator 2 Interrogator 2 Interrogate Anna.
Investigator 1 Investigator 1 Do well on the first investigation.
Investigator 2 Investigator 2 Do well on the second investigation.
Investigator 3 Investigator 3 Do well on the third investigation.
It Begins It Begins See your first Ending.
Landscaper Landscaper Appreciate the landscape.
Lazy Lazy Decide not to meet anyone or investigate 10 times.
Leg Stretcher Leg Stretcher Stretch your legs.
Librarian Librarian Bring Remy's books into the correct order.
Memories Memories Look at Remy's pictures.
Murderer Murderer See Bryce's Good Ending.
Nuisance Nuisance Refuse to help Bryce 99 times.
Optimist Optimist See your first Good Ending.
Orb Finder Orb Finder Find a mysterious orb.
Ovicide Ovicide Waste a perfectly good batch of eggs.
Patient Patient Wait for Remy until you get bored.
Popular Popular Have two messages waiting for you at the same time.
Prankster Prankster Play a prank on Bryce.
Prescription Prescription Take a dragon dose of medication.
Reckless Reckless Go to the portal.
Remember Remember See Lorem's Bad Ending.
Research Material Research Material Look at Bryce's magazine.
Sacrifice Sacrifice See Anna's Bad Ending.
Snoop Snoop Look at Anna's envelope.
Souvenir Souvenir Keep the seashells.
Sphere Builder Sphere Builder Assemble the sphere.
Stalker Stalker Follow Vara.
Teetotaler Teetotaler Reject Bryce's invitation.
The Artisan The Artisan Meet with Katsuharu.
The Plan The Plan See Lorem's Good Ending.
The Politician The Politician Meet with Emera.
The Student The Student Meet with Kevin.
Tragic Hero Tragic Hero See Anna's Good Ending.
Unmasking Unmasking See what lies beneath the mask.
Utterly Pointless Achievement Utterly Pointless Achievement Do a thing.
Window Shopper Window Shopper Look at everything the store has to offer.
You are a winner! You are a winner! Beat Sebastian at his own game.